Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By George Barany and Marcia Brott

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977). Marcia Brott is a human genome researcher by day, wordsmith by night. Both are currently at the University of Minnesota. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to the answer, visit More Barany and Friends crosswords are at

New Image1. Exclamation appropriate to the theme of this puzzle
5. No-brainers?
11. Soupçon
14. Girl’s name that means “friend” in Hebrew
15. Snapple competitor
16. Gram or tome opener
17. Weather condition causing shivers in unusual places this year
19. Complete
20. Get by somehow
21. Icy 7-Eleven drink
23. Jason of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”
26. Wimbledon winner Edberg
27. Whistle-blower in a striped shirt
30. 60-Down, in France
32. Ring holder … or ring receiver
33. D.D.E.’s wartime command
34. Smears in print
36. Lively folk dance
39. One who knows his beans?
41. City on San Francisco Bay
43. Memo abbr.
44. How a freelancer may work
46. The White House’s is 20500
47. “You betcha!”
49. Trig. function
50. Airport abbr.
51. Home of famous tar pits
54. Profundity
56. Old film stock material
58. Cyclops’ defining feature
62. Ice-loving org.
63. Atmospheric phenomenon that can bring on 17-Across
66. “Yabba dabba___!”
67. Kind of inspection or delivery
68. Mouse catcher
69. What to do with wild oats
70. One who holds all the cards
71. Absolute ___ (temperature at which all molecular motion ceases)

1. “Dracula” author Stoker
2. ___ avis
3. “Casablanca” cafe owner
4. Hotel posting
5. Operating under a false name, perhaps6. Present time?: Abbr.
7. Sort of: Suffix
8. Big name in elevators
9. Giveaways at the poker table
10. Show some major respect?
11. Walking outside may feel like walking inside one during 17-Across
12. It might keep you up at night
13. Cheney’s successor
18. Lofty principles
22. Provide more weapons to
24. With all judges present
25. Fort ___, New Jersey city that recently had a traffic problem
27. Musical McEntire
28. “L’___ c’est moi”: Louis XIV
29. Point at which the Fahrenheit and Celsius
scales meet
31. Slip away, as time35. Pajama party
37. Polish writing
38. “The Shield” force
40. Hard to get a reaction out of
42. Info on a personal check: Abbr.
45. Cover some ground?
48. Chinese restaurant veggie
51. Hits the deck
52. Blessed exclamation?
53. Observe Yom Kippur
55. “No. 1” in rental cars
57. “Bride of Frankenstein” star Lanchester
59. Vital French verb
60. Once around the sun
61. World’s fair
64. Have a bug
65. 66, e.g.: Abbr.