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Calling all creatives of the Tri-I!

We're seeking art and microscopy images to show and share with the community. These will be featured in two columns- one dedicated to arts and crafts and the other dedicated to sharing in our wonder of the natural world through microscopy. Microscopy images can include already published images, unpublished observations from your lab, or any cool substrate or critter you happened to take an image of on a hobby microscope!  Please submit your paintings, sculpture, pottery, drawings, photos, knitting, embroidery, and other crafts to to be featured in our upcoming issue. Please note your name and position at RU, the art medium or microscope you used, and any further description of the work or image you wish to include. We're looking forward to showing and sharing some of the creativity of the community and marveling in all the beauty that might be just out of sight. Thanks kindly!
- Natural Selections editorial team