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We’re Nuts about Cashew!

This month I had the pleasure of speaking with the adorable and rambunctious Cashew Carreiro, who took a pause from playtime to answer some questions about life at Rockefeller with her human mom, Jeannie. 

Audrey Goldfarb: How did you and Jeannie meet?

Cashew Carreiro: My brother and I were getting ready to move out and decided to post a roommate request on Facebook. We were so excited! This city girl, Jeannie, took an interest in me and my brother. We decided to go our separate ways since I wanted a big city life, and he was looking for a suburban home. So, I packed my bags and moved in with Jeannie, my very own human!

AG: What’s your favorite thing about living at Rockefeller University? 

CC: I love to look outside while sitting on my tower! The view is beautiful—I see dogs at the park, boats on the water, and a tram crossing the bridge! Sometimes, if I am really lucky, a pigeon sits outside the window, and I get to tell them about my day. 

AG: Do you have a favorite toy?

CC: Jeannie makes the most wonderful toy out of recycled brown paper bags. She collects the twine handles and ties six of them together in one big knot! I call it my spider. It is so fun to play with, but she doesn’t like me bringing it into bed at night (so annoying!).


AG: How do you keep yourself busy while Jeannie is away?

CC: I hate being alone. Jeannie has a camera that she uses to spy on me while she’s away. I like to sit and stare at the camera, so she knows that I am unhappy she’s gone and after some time she comes back—I think it’s working.

AG: I understand you’re afflicted by the “zoomies,” a common but frequently disruptive hyperkinetic condition for cats your age. How do you handle a flare-up?

CC: Zoomies are much more manageable when both Jeannie and my best friend Izzy are around. They throw my toys so I can attack! Sometimes I attack their hands, but they forgive me, and we still have so much fun! My best advice for a case of the zoomies is to chase after a ribbon. A faster recovery is more likely if there’s a bell attached to it! 

AG: Have you been sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?

CC: Since moving to New York, I have been wanting to explore the fashion scene. I recently got a few pieces to add to my closet and hope to expand my collection. In 2024, I hope to make it on the catwalk for my first ever fashion show! Wish me luck! 

AG: Are you more of a rule follower or boundary pusher?

CC:  I’m just a baby. 

AG: Do you have any advice for newly adopted cats of the Tri-I community?

CC: Having a human is great. If you bite them, they give you toys. If you pluck the carpet, they give you scratch boards. If you hide under the bed, they give you a small cave to hide in—usually with a blanket. If you meow at your food bowl, they fill it. My advice is to get a human.


P.S. If your human has a pair of nail clippers in their hands the treat is not worth it! RUN. AWAY.