Robert Mark and George Barany

This “mid-week level” themed puzzle represents Robert’s crossword debut (pictorial hint to the right, and bonus points if you can explain the puzzle’s title). After completing the puzzle (spoiler), learn more about its creation and some of the clues by clicking here for GB’s “midrash.”

Click here to view or download the puzzle in PDF format; here to download it as a puz file [requires Across Lite software to play]; here to solve the puzzle interactively (thanks to Jim Horne); here for the solution. We thank beta testers for beta testing numerous iterations of this theme, and making helpful suggestions that brought it to its present level.

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1 Prefix with gon or gram                                                                                                    6 Record
10 Flight from Israel?
14 Rig
15 ___-friendly
16 Baking ___ (NaHCO3)
17 Applies a spell checker?
20 Thanksgiving staple
21 They may be crunched
22 Brooks from Brooklyn
23 Do a slow burn
25 These may be conducted on board the Calypso?
31 They can get bruised or massaged
33 Jodie’s eponymous film role (1994)
34 Word in seven of the ten commandments
35 Extinct big bird
37 Sought direction (from)
40 Keep a spring farm journal?
44 Mesmerize
45 Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera “Le Coq
46 A in Aachen
47 Rubber trees
49 Miniature sci-fi vehicles
52 Absent-minded conductor?
56 Very, to Wilhelm
58 Sine qua ___
59 Average name?
61 “There’s ___ in team”
62 Desperate for firewood?
68 Caspian feeder
69 Clarinet’s cousin
70 Winged
71 Tends the lawn
72 Pantheon members
73 78/100, e.g., … and a hint to this
puzzle’s theme

1 Great Fire of London chronicler Samuel
2 Consider the same
3 Béchamel sauce component
4 McCourt sequel
5 Samoan capital
6 University of Arizona location
7 Bat wood
8 Mendel subject
9 Be on the side of caution?
10 “___ House” overlooking Central Park, site of a famous signage malfunction
11 Where Dylan’s ‘sad-eyed lady’ hails from
12 Lovelace of computer lore
13 Put (down)
18 US Olympic airer for at least the first
third of the 21st century
19 Mrs., in Montreux
24 George Eliot or George Sand, e.g.
26 Chills
27 Oodles
28 Frank ___ Wright (Guggenheim Museum architect)
29 Sleuth played by Lorre
30 Put away
32 Soaks, with “up”
36 Two thumbs down
38 Reagan-era Surgeon General
39 Continental capital
40 Hwys.
41 Pop music’s Burdon or Clapton
42 Vatican dogma
43 Hawaii’s “Orchid Capital”
48 Rushlike aquaplants
50 First stage of grief
51 It’s in put, but not in computer
53 Stirs the pot
54 Med. specialty
55 Mythical big bird
57 Soars
60 ___-a-mole
62 Total
63 Met, Jet, or Net
64 Get dressed (up)
65 Nigerian native
66 Affirmative action
67 Swiss peak


Culture Corner

Sacred and Profane Images in Venice and Padua

By Bernie Langs

CC_Bernie2The laws and edicts are laid out in the Old Testament in exacting terms specifying the ornaments, utensils and measurements for these objects utilized in the holy temple and for the division of spaces designated as sacred from those places for mortals. The biblically assigned priestly caste was left to minister the negotiation between man and God. Only he could physically enter the area behind the curtain or veil beyond the altar separating the congregation from the Holy Spirit.

The Jewish religion prohibits graven images of God, forbidding representational sculptures or paintings of biblical stories and heroes. There are examples of Jewish burial tombs and other remains that had been decorated with the symbols for rituals and life in the ancient world that were later mutilated or chiseled away by disapproving rabbis as a reminder of these edicts. Early Christian images, after co-opting ideas from those previously of service to ancient Roman and Greek gods or from secular life, accelerated into the early medieval time with flourishes of astounding profundity and beauty. Lives were lost over the iconoclast notion that to pictorially represent Christ and the Holy Spirit was a dangerous trespass on the immaculate and omniscient ideal since no picture could or should imitate or approximate the Divine.

At the culmination of the middle ages and into the early and High Renaissance there was no holding back the master illuminators, sculptors and painters in Italy and in the northern areas of Europe. Great religious art peters out by the mid-seventeenth century at which time there was no longer room for innovation and the power that such images had previously attained was lost.

Today we live in a time of hyper self-awareness. As many people abandon notions of a God who is aware of mankind’ actions and is capable of direct intervention in human affairs, there remains a void to be filled for a higher purpose in life. From some perspectives, a desirable end of ritualistic and avid dogmatic doctrine might relieve a great deal of worldly tensions since fanatics and zealots hold strong so-called inspired revelations. Equally profound and illuminating might be a more objective and scientific study of those in the past who, in the written word or through the plastic arts, drew inspiration on the notions and ideas of their times of what was holy and greater than human endeavor. Some might find interest in a religion that reluctantly winks at the thought of a Primary Mover and nothing else, yet still finds fascination in what was revealed by others who had taken a different, mystical path as they groped for understanding a higher purpose.

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56-Downed-Up Charges

By George Barany, Christopher Adams, Martin Herbach, and Alex Vratsanos

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the Chemistry faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Christopher Adams is a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Iowa, Martin Herbach is a retired computer scientist living in Silicon Valley, and Alex Vratsanos is studying business and psychology at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.  For more information, including a link to the answer, visit here (http://www.chem.umn.edu/groups/baranygp/puzzles/twittercharges/). More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here (http://www.chem.umn.edu/groups/baranygp/puzzles/).


June2016NaturalSelectionsGRID1. Jeanne d’Arc, e.g.: Abbr.
4. Number of freedoms, to FDR
8. Mexican motel (and one-time Yankee catcher Jorge)
14. Punching tool
15. Recommend emphatically, as money to fight Zika
16. Beat Murdoch at his own game?
17. My follower in 1968?
18. Genuine, in Germany
19. Homophone for homophobe “Lyin’ Ted”
20. Hungarian short-haired dog
22. Narrow waterway
24. Metric weights: Abbr.
25. Live, as an interview
26. Self-important bureaucrat from “The Mikado”
28. Senator Sherrod (since 2007) or Scott (who lost to 3-Down in 2012)
30. Hide-hair connection
31. Disapproving sound
34. Goes too far
37. One-under bridge, in the Pledge of Allegiance
39. Staff member?
40. Turkish name that means “desire”
42. One-named Irish Grammy winner
43. Goddess with a spear and a national capital named for her
45. Seaweed product with a reduplicative name
47. Like FDR’s Deal
48. ___-cone
50. Minuteman Davis, memorialized through an iconic French sculpture
51. Sarah Palin, e.g.
54. Apple’s instant messaging software
57. Historic introduction?
58. Hit CBS procedural with three spinoffs
59. Star in Aquila
60. Mexican beer brand
62. Harmony, so to speak
64. Sch. in Monroe whose alumni include Bubby Brister, Tim McGraw, and Ben Sheets (anagram of NUL)
65. First game
66. “___ Smile Be Your Umbrella”
67. Highgate (London) or Père-Lachaise (Paris): Abbr.
68. With 56-Down, 3-Down’s Twitter antagonist
69. Decorative pitcher
70. Clairvoyance, e.g.

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Quotable Quote

john-adams21“It is to be a school of Political Prophets I Suppose — a Nursery of American Statesmen…I am making of it annual, for Sending an entire new set every year, that all the principal genius’s may go to the University in Rotation — that we may have Politicians in Plenty. Our great Complaint is the scarcity of Men fit to govern Such mighty Interests, as we are clashing in the present Contest — a scarcity indeed! For who is Sufficient for these Things? …You and I have too many Cares and occupations and therefore We must recommend it to Mrs Warren and her Friend Mrs Adams to teach our Sons the divine Science of the Politicks: And to be frank, I suspect that they understand it better than we.”

-John Adams, who had been appointed to serve as a delegate to the First Continental Congress, in a letter to James Warren, a legislator in the Massachusetts General Court, who was also to serve (June 25, 1774).

Purple Reign


George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the Chemistry faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Deane Morrison, a distinguished science writer, is his U of M colleague. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to the answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here.


1.___ coil (electrical device invented in1891)PrinceTributeGrid
6.Aussie greeting, often followed by “mate”
10.Ballplayer’s headgear
13.They keep the wheels turning
14.Song title shared by “The Sound of Music” and “West Side Story”
15.Put away groceries?
16.Facility whose large glass pyramid would glow purple whenever this puzzle’s
honoree was present
19.Band boosters
20.Theater chain that merged with AMC in 2006
21.Get bushed
22.___ moss
24.Concise in speech
26.Billboard’s #1 single of 1984
30.Fish stick?
31.Scott Turow autobiographical bestseller of 1977
32.Get ready to drive, in golf
36.“___ U”
38.Number of Grammies won, as well as pronunciation of a #3 top 40 hit, by this
puzzle’s honoree
41.Small force
42.Classified, as blood
44.Land of Esau’s descendants
46.DDE’s wartime command
47.Prince’s followers
51.Big wind
54.Go ___ great length
55.Willing partner
59.Coffee, tea, or beer
62.No-win situation
63.Song that begins with a spoken eulogy to “this thing called life”
65.Bobbie Gentry wrote one to Billy Joe
66.The ___ Project (“Sleeper”)
67.Quibblers split them
68.Nothing but the bottom of the ___
69.Some mil. awards
70.Old lab heaters named after a volcano

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“The Answers My Friend …”


George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the Chemistry faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Robert Mark is a native New Yorker currently teaching in Thailand, and a long-time admirer of this puzzle’s theme.  For more information, including a link to the answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here. More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here.


1.Two-person log cutter
7.Stetson or sombrero, e.g.
10.Battery terminal
15.Symbol for viscosity or index of refractionAnswersMyFriendpuzGrid
18.One way to serve curry
19.Small amounts, as ofcream
21.Actor Beatty or Sparks
22.Biff, in the past, present, and “Future”?
25.___ alai
26.Jumbo follower
27.Hawaiian beach ball?
29.Between all and none
30.Reassurance to celllist Yo-Yo?
34.Direct recruiting pitch from an iconic Uncle?
36.Tenth-century pope, better remembered in crosswords than in the history books (anagram of name of a certain rodent)
37.Took ___ for the worse
39.1990’s Indian P.M.
40.Director Tarantino
43.New York tribe, city, or lake
46.Like the walls at WrigleyField
50.One that, according to Higgins, hardly ever happens in Hertford, Hereford, and
52.They’re just this side of paradise?
54.Common street or tree
55.Clinch, as a deal
57.E w e’s m a t e
58.Near-Miss. state?
59.German candy brand
63.Malaysian palm
69.Place for prison guards?
76.Apple implement
77.Pasta, in product names
78.Off course, of course
79.Point of no return?
82.___ Paulo, Brazil
83.Word with dash or happy
86.Prof ’s e-mail address ender
87.Chiropractor’s diary?
93.Local, at times?
97.Don Draper’s domain
98.Gets game
101.“Norma ___”
103.Actors Dillon and Damon
105.Grps. of Boy or Girl Scouts
106.He’s a card
111.Annie Leibovitz, to her fans?
116.X, Y, or Z
117.Collect data or data collector
119.Acronym in the news for gravitational wave detection
120.Start of Massachusetts’ motto
121.Criticize, slangily
122.Admire Jagger or Richards on social media?
126.They may amend xword clues
127.Rubber seal
128.Grievance, slangily
129.Caught, as a butterfly
130.Susan of “The Partridge Family” and “L.A. Law”
132.NYC subway line
133.Tool box item

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Quotable quote

Commonplace miracle:
that so many commonplace miracles happen…
A miracle, just take a look around:
the world is everywhere.
An additional miracle, as everything is additional:
the unthinkable
is thinkable.

Maria Wislawa Anna Szymborska, 1923 – 2012, Nobel Prize for Literature 1996

Supreme Effort

By George Barany and Friends

This bipartisan politically themed puzzle was created within hours of a much-anticipated announcement by a consortium of friends of Rockefeller alum (1977) George Barany, who is currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to its answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends puzzles can be found here.


  1. CPR proscd2c4ec2-fc3d-4f3d-b4fb-b0fb7d88305e
  2. Tide type
  3. Basemen may apply them
  4. Evil, to Yves
  5. Extol the virtues of
  6. Made a mess of
  7. Court org.
  8. Supreme Court originalist for three decades
  9. F on a questionnaire, e.g.
  10. W’s First Lady
  11. Quito’s nation: Abbr.
  12. Waist management program
  13. Senate Majority Leader
  14. Hockey surface
  15. ___-di-dah
  16. Pig’s digs
  17. Tried’s partner
  18. Superstar?
  19. They follow the “nus”
  20. “Mommie ___”
  21. Word rhymed with “hotel” by Elvis in “Heartbreak Hotel”
  22. Anesthetized, perhaps
  23. Admitted guilt for, as a lesser charge
  24. President who followed Article II of the Constitution three times during his two terms in office
  25. Like some knights and baseball throws
  26. Subway fare?
  27. Camel’s backbreaker?
  28. Molded, as metal
  29. “___ Ba Yah”
  30. Ma who first played in the White House at age 7
  31. Regarding, in legalese
  32. Its hubs are in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm
  33. Best Foreign Language Film of 2014
  34. Honey maker
  35. Chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
  36. Plural suffix with auction or musket
  37. Minor tautomer for majority of ketones
  38. Lubricated, like a baseball glove being broken in
  39. Half a Hollywood Hungarian
  40. Request from 50-Across to 26-Across, with respect to nomination of 73-Across to succeed 19-Across
  41. Muesli morsel
  42. Cell alternative
  43. Pay to play
  44. Yiddish laments
  45. One-named Irish Grammy winner
  46. Govt. grp. that once subcontracted work to Edward Snowden
  47. Tournament ranking

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Clown Car

By George Barany and Friends

This politically themed puzzle comes to you from a consortium of progressively-minded friends of Rockefeller alum (1977) George Barany, who is currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to its answer, visit here.   More Barany and Friends puzzles can be found here.


  1. Way to goclowncargrid
  2. Env. stuffer, at times
  3. Doo-wop syllable
  4. Can. city
  5. Cacophonous
  6. Make tawdry
  7. Brazilian city, familiarly
  8. Like a GOP candidate’s convoluted approach to the Jewish question?
  9. Surfing site
  10. Triangle type
  11. “___ B?”
  12. Dedicatee of a piano classic
  13. Like ears of some politicians
  14. GOP candidate’s optical illusion?
  15. City Obama visited to receive his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  16. Those, to José
  17. Houston AFL team that became the Tennessee Titans
  18. Fascinate
  19. Communication system for the gorilla Koko: Abbr.
  20. Jai ___
  21. “La Fille du Regiment” role that made Pavarotti a superstar
  22. Showy annuals
  23. Political scandal topic, perhaps
  24. GOP candidate’s autonomous tactics?
  25. African-American alternative to LGBT
  26. Ties together
  27. Supremes’ wear
  28. Pub pints
  29. Ball girl?
  30. Reason for a bad hare day?
  31. “Le ___” (Matisse piece)
  32. Sicilian volcano
  33. John or Paul, but not George or Ringo
  34. Like a GOP candidate’s amateurish operation?
  35. God, to a Rastafarian
  36. Legend maker
  37. California’s Big ___
  38. Leary who advocated “”turn on, tune in, drop out”
  39. You can give it a whirl
  40. GOP code for pro-gay, proabortion Jews
  41. Med. care grp. in the USA
  42. Staring at trouble
  43. Nail-biting
  44. José or Francisco’s leader?
  45. John Quincy, to John Adams
  46. Masthead VIPs
  47. Brand, in a way

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An Embarrassment of Riches

By Anonymous

This politically incorrect (some might even say “disgusting”) puzzle comes to you from an anonymous source, known only to Rockefeller alum (1977) George Barany, who is currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to its answer, visit here and here.  More Barany and Friends puzzles can be found here.


  1. Sometimes, they’re not given
  2. Burro, e.g.
  3. Oscar’s U.K. equivalent
  4. Straight: Prefix
  5. Word after good or bad
  6. Domains
  7. “___ In” (Wings hit that begins with “Someone’s knockin’ at the door”)
  8. Sugary drink, often
  9. Carl ___, whose September 2015 endorsement of fellow billionaire 58-Across was a “no-brainer”
  10. Adjective that does not begin to describe 58-Across
  11. McCorvey in a landmark case
  12. Pay back?
  13. Paddle-wheel craft
  14. 58-Across inveighing against the IRS?
  15. Apprentice, like 58-Across at electoral politics
  16. Woman who raised Cain
  17. Universal soul, in Hinduism
  18. Acts the rat
  19. Lawless princess?
  20. “___, Marissa Mayer Are Right; Employees Should Not Work From Home” (February 2013 tweet by 58-Across)
  21. Centerfielder on Mets World Series team
  22. “58-Across is The World’s Greatest ___” (FiveThirtyEight headline, July 2015)
  23. Flag-waving, breast-beating “patriot,” like 58-Across
  24. Expanded, contracted
  25. Carillon clamor
  26. Scottish castle that 58-Across is unlikely to be invited to
  27. Domains
  28. “Ich bin ___ Berliner”
  29. LBJ’s palindromic “War on Poverty” agcy.
  30. DAMN TURD POL, anagramatically
  31. One of three people walking into a bar, in many a joke
  32. “Four score and seven years ___ …”
  33. Word before basin or wave
  34. Heavenly hunter
  35. Try to become President, e.g.
  36. Low-budget, in adspeak
  37. “Schlonged,” e.g.
  38. It may be tapped
  39. Reginald ___ (truck driver whose beating was broadcast live during the 1992 Los Angeles riots)

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Quotable Quote

“In a world more and more polluted by the lying of politicians and the illusions of the media, I occasionally crave to hear and tell the truth… Friendship is by its very nature freer of deceit than any other relationship we can know, because it is the bond least affected by striving for power, physical pleasure, or material profit, most liberated from any oath of duty or of constancy.”

-Francine du Plessix Gray, 1930

Nothing Up My Sleeve

By George Barany

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. John Child has had an interesting career and currently lives in Nepal. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to the answer, click here. Also, try more Barany and Friends crossword puzzles.


  1. Hiccups cure, perhaps12f4d7ce-6d6c-4ed1-a03a-5040cf160dc2
  2. N.Y. engineering sch.
  3. Flying jib or spinnaker, e.g.
  4. Plumbing problem
  5. Knight’s attendants
  6. Possible answer to “When will we get there?”
  7. Pythagoras’s homeland
  8. Kutch queen
  9. Home town to 38- and 116-Across
  10. Rappers Wayne and Kim
  11. Umber or taupe, e.g.
  12. Pigs out
  13. “___ and out”
  14. H.H. Munro’s nom de plume
  15. Bugging bug
  16. Spanish omelet ingredient
  17. Thriller author Daniel
  18. Clever pal of 116-Across
  19. Angler Isaak’s wicker work
  20. Scatter
  21. Mil. school
  22. Cash dispenser
  23. Fly
  24. Gas relief
  25. They swing both ways?
  26. Inscription proving that 116-Across was an earl’s heir
  27. Wrestler Andre’s condition
  28. Archrival
  29. Lhasa ___ (shaggy dog breed from Tibet)
  30. Grammy-winner R&B singer India.___
  31. ___’acte
  32. 116-Across’s alma mater
  33. Dept. store stock
  34. Dark emotion
  35. Objects in Venn diagrams
  36. Multi-pane window spaces
  37. Dessert that’s Italian for “pick me up”
  38. 96-Across’s country
  39. Like a fox, it’s said
  40. On the market, in a way
  41. Old box letters
  42. They may amend xword clues
  43. Paul who composed Johnny’s theme song
  44. “___ My Way” (“Porgy and Bess” tune)
  45. D.A.’s aides
  46. Adversaries of 38- and 116-Across
  47. Not ___ eye (stay calm)
  48. National competitor
  49. Leftist “Reader”
  50. German gentleman
  51. Texts or e-mails
  52. Computer geek
  53. Break in, in jargon
  54. Golf’s Isao
  55. Dim-witted pal of 38-Across
  56. Something one might shake or break
  57. “Later!”
  58. Turns right
  59. It may be near the Advil
  60. North Sea EU country
  61. Colorist
  62. Town that is the gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
  63. Afro-pop musician Youssou

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Citi-zens United

By George Barany, Christopher Adams, John Child, Charles Flaster, and Brent Hartzell

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977), currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Christopher Adams is a graduate student at the University of Iowa, John Child runs a business in Nepal, Charles Flaster is a retired school teacher in the Philadelphia area, and Brent Hartzell is the finance director for the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to the answer, click here. Also, try more Barany and Friends crossword puzzles.puzzle


  1. One of the “Three Bs”
  2. One who crosses a line
  3. Go-to ballplayers, colloquially
  4. “Bull Durham” transportation
  5. Like Citi Field when 122-Across’s Yoenis Céspedes goes deep
  6. End of a palindrome about Napoleon’s exile
  7. Bagel, e.g.
  8. Lady’s man, briefly
  9. 122-Across’s ace Matt’s favorite drink?
  10. Pitcher with a big mouth?
  11. From 1962-1987, spring training site for the 122-Across, informally
  12. Potpourri
  13. Aida or Spartacus, e.g.
  14. Berberian and Parseghian
  15. Marine killer
  16. Nighttime ball, perhaps
  17. Out in left field, to 122-Across’s rookie phenom Michael?
  18. One to the left of the curve?
  19. What 122-Across’s pitcher Niese has, that his teammate Colón does not?
  20. Glandular opening?
  21. The “f” in f-stop
  22. Site of the 2014 season opener (Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks)
  23. Paraphernalia for 122-Across’s third sacker David?
  24. “Saving Private Ryan” landing craft: Abbr.
  25. Steve of “Family Matters”
  26. Categorize
  27. Like some traditions
  28. Org. that let Barry Bonds walk in 2015
  29. Bologna bones
  30. Agcy. spawned by the Manhattan Project
  31. Figure of interest?
  32. Something used by 122-Across’s manager Collins to wipe the sweat off his face?
  33. “Steal a base when nobody’s looking,” according to 122-Across’s sudden slugger Daniel?
  34. “___ bit of common sense”
  35. Airline’s home base
  36. Athena’s breastplate: Var.
  37. Classified ad abbr.
  38. Dodge Viper engine, e.g.
  39. ___ great catch (dazzle the fans)
  40. Suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul (crossword constructor Tom Pepper is its Finance Director)
  41. Abbr. with a ring to it?
  42. Roll out the red carpet for 122-Across’s rookie southpaw Steven?
  43. Plea made with one’s hands up
  44. Desi of Desilu
  45. Jordanian World Heritage site
  46. Scatter?
  47. Strengthen
  48. What 122-Across’s ace DeGrom uses to get high?
  49. Roman romances
  50. Dry, like Spanish wine
  51. One driving in the winning run, e.g.
  52. Worked undercover
  53. Winter Olympics event
  54. Single-celled microorganisms
  55. 10-point Q, e.g.
  56. Cry of recognition when 122-Across’s closer Jeurys starts to warm up?
  57. ” ___ Tu” (1974 hit)
  58. Beatles in Shea Stadium, e.g.
  59. Fastball down the middle, e.g.
  60. Colorado resort
  61. Part of 122-Across’s rookie phenom Syndergaard’s routine
  62. Milton Berle sidekick Arnold ___
  63. Sources of taxol
  64. Miracle team, once (and perhaps twice!)

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Quotable Quote

george-washington-carver-154536_1280“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these. “

(George Washington Carver, 1864 – 1943)

Fast Ball

By George Barany

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. He still remembers a watershed moment at the interface of American culture and sports that occurred fifty years ago … October 6, 1965 to be exact. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to the answer, visit http://tinyurl.com/fastballpuz. More Barany and Friends crosswords are at http://tinyurl.com/gbpuzzle.


  1. With 19-Down, October 6, 1965
  2. Passion
  3. Breathlesspuzzle
  4. Sch. attended by Reggie Jackson and Barry Bonds
  5. Prepare for winter takeoff
  6. Catchphrase
  7. El ___
  8. Pitcher on October 6, 1965–not!
  9. 10,000 square meters
  10. Birth control method, for short
  11. Movie promo
  12. Stretch out
  13. Word with up or off
  14. Geezer
  15. Stable staple
  16. Mythical beast that was turned into a peacock
  17. Vegan’s protein source, sometimes
  18. First Bond flick
  19. Kvetch
  20. Promise
  21. Categories
  22. LAX postings
  23. Little foxes
  24. Some babies’ first words since gay marriage was legalized
  25. Family room
  26. Spare parts?
  27. Dale and Tim, to Yogi
  28. Prepares potstickers, perhaps
  29. Heartbreaking headline
  30. Leo the ___ (Durocher nickname)
  31. Originating country for much spam
  32. Pitcher on October 6, 1965
  33. Fingers, e.g.
  34. “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” playwright Edward
  35. Surmise
  36. UFO crew
  37. Escort, for appearance’s sakes
  38. Heaps kudos on
  39. Like a wallflower

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RU Ready for Halloween?

Dedicated to the memory of Moses Malone

By George Barany

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the faculty at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities. At a 1974 Halloween party at Rockefeller, he dressed up as Moses Malone, who was born in the same year, and who also “skipped college for the big time.” For more about this specific puzzle, including links to the answer and a “midrash,” visit http://tinyurl.com/halloweenpuz. More Barany and Friends crosswords are at http://tinyurl.com/gbpuzzle.

cross wordAcross

1. They can brighten up a room
6. War horse
11. One way to swing
14. W.W. II menace
15. Rwanda resident
16. NYC Ave.
17. Griffin’s man-cave hangings?
19. Darth Vader’s boyhood nickname
20. Processes of elimination?
21. Alleviated
23. Z to Field or Chait
26. Mantle, once
27. de Duve’s last-minute costume?
31. Love of Paris?
32. Habituate
33. Short change?
36. Green, in Grenoble
37. Catch or catcher
38. Salmon sort
39. Suffix added to “Mercedes-Benz” in a joke told by Agosta or Merrifield?
40. “
41. Jesse who set a record for most consecutive wins in relief to start a career (homonym of common construction equipment)
42. Palade’s glow-in-the-dark decoration?
44. Gerrymander
47. Pitifully small
48. Madison Square Garden, e.g.
49. Sister of Moses and Aaron
52. Bad beginning?
53. Mauro’s special hot sauce?
58. Peptide bond dihedral angle
59. Mosaic materials
60. Aria addressing a portrait
61. Part of a line: Abbr.
62. What matzoh is missing
63. Council of churches

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Puzzle to Play With

By Arlene Romoff and George Barany

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Arlene Romoff is an advocate and author in the area of hearing loss, based in New Jersey. For more about this specific puzzle, including links to the answer and a “midrash,” visit http://tinyurl.com/puzzletoplaywithpuz. More Barany and Friends crosswords are at http://tinyurl.com/gbpuzzle.


1. Boy toy
6. Understands
10. Certain herring
14. “It is ___ wind that blows…”
15. Peaceful, not-so-smart race in “The Time Machine”
16. Former Yankee first baseman Martinez
17. Scrappy but lovable companion
19. Baseball’s Mel and Ed
20. To paraphrase Mark Twain, a man who serves two masters
21. Adorable carnival giveaway
23. Has too much, briefly
24. Number two
26. Anti-narcotics branch of govt.
27. Mark for life
29. Kwik-E-Mart clerk on “The Simpsons”
31. Big bird of stories
34. Inscribed pillar
37. Star of “Hulk,” “Troy,” and “Munich”
39. Iconic creator of products coveted by collectors
42. Election day survey
43. Workout program you might do for kicks?
44. Humorist’s forte
45. Shakespearean snake
46. Sechs/zwei
48. Rowboat accessory
50. Crossword puzzler’s favorite cookie
52. Gathered dust
55. Curvaceous clotheshorse
58. Roadblock
61. Hodgepodge

62. Colloquial compliment … or a hint to 1-,17-, 21-, 39-, 55-, and 69-Across
64. Alchemy material
65. Indian royalty
66. Major pro-choice org.
67. Take-out order?
68. JFK guesses
69. Small cutie with a wardrobe trunk

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