Robert Mark and George Barany

This “mid-week level” themed puzzle represents Robert’s crossword debut (pictorial hint to the right, and bonus points if you can explain the puzzle’s title). After completing the puzzle (spoiler), learn more about its creation and some of the clues by clicking here for GB’s “midrash.”

Click here to view or download the puzzle in PDF format; here to download it as a puz file [requires Across Lite software to play]; here to solve the puzzle interactively (thanks to Jim Horne); here for the solution. We thank beta testers for beta testing numerous iterations of this theme, and making helpful suggestions that brought it to its present level.

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1 Prefix with gon or gram                                                                                                    6 Record
10 Flight from Israel?
14 Rig
15 ___-friendly
16 Baking ___ (NaHCO3)
17 Applies a spell checker?
20 Thanksgiving staple
21 They may be crunched
22 Brooks from Brooklyn
23 Do a slow burn
25 These may be conducted on board the Calypso?
31 They can get bruised or massaged
33 Jodie’s eponymous film role (1994)
34 Word in seven of the ten commandments
35 Extinct big bird
37 Sought direction (from)
40 Keep a spring farm journal?
44 Mesmerize
45 Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera “Le Coq
46 A in Aachen
47 Rubber trees
49 Miniature sci-fi vehicles
52 Absent-minded conductor?
56 Very, to Wilhelm
58 Sine qua ___
59 Average name?
61 “There’s ___ in team”
62 Desperate for firewood?
68 Caspian feeder
69 Clarinet’s cousin
70 Winged
71 Tends the lawn
72 Pantheon members
73 78/100, e.g., … and a hint to this
puzzle’s theme

1 Great Fire of London chronicler Samuel
2 Consider the same
3 Béchamel sauce component
4 McCourt sequel
5 Samoan capital
6 University of Arizona location
7 Bat wood
8 Mendel subject
9 Be on the side of caution?
10 “___ House” overlooking Central Park, site of a famous signage malfunction
11 Where Dylan’s ‘sad-eyed lady’ hails from
12 Lovelace of computer lore
13 Put (down)
18 US Olympic airer for at least the first
third of the 21st century
19 Mrs., in Montreux
24 George Eliot or George Sand, e.g.
26 Chills
27 Oodles
28 Frank ___ Wright (Guggenheim Museum architect)
29 Sleuth played by Lorre
30 Put away
32 Soaks, with “up”
36 Two thumbs down
38 Reagan-era Surgeon General
39 Continental capital
40 Hwys.
41 Pop music’s Burdon or Clapton
42 Vatican dogma
43 Hawaii’s “Orchid Capital”
48 Rushlike aquaplants
50 First stage of grief
51 It’s in put, but not in computer
53 Stirs the pot
54 Med. specialty
55 Mythical big bird
57 Soars
60 ___-a-mole
62 Total
63 Met, Jet, or Net
64 Get dressed (up)
65 Nigerian native
66 Affirmative action
67 Swiss peak