The Union Forever!

Dedicated to the memory of Bruce Voeller

 By George Barany, Michael Hanko, and Paul Luftig

This puzzle is modified and updated from versions that went on-line in the run-up to the 2012 Presidential election. We dedicate the puzzle to the memory of Bruce Voeller (1934-1994), a Rockefeller alum (1961) who later served on the Rockefeller faculty and raised some eyebrows when he asked for his office to be painted pink. As our modern society has shifted toward accepting same-sex marriages, the puzzle’s theme remains just as relevant today, and we note with sadness that Dr. Voeller was never able to experience this basic right with the man his New York Times obituary listed as “his companion.”

GB is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the faculty at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities; MH is a NYC voice teacher, writer, and performer; PL lives in Larchmont and is retired from a remarkable career in the world of finance. More Barany and Friends crosswords are at



  1. Sailors do it on deck
  2. Disciplines
  3. Prepares leftovers for a quick bite
  4. South American monkey
  5. ___ Lama
  6. Institution with its med. sch. named after David Geffen
  7. Non-traditional marriage of the gay pop icon who wrote “Candle in the Wind” to a war hero who ran for President
  8. Pen, in Montpellier
  9. Tenets of Flat-Earthers or Evolution Deniers, e.g.
  10. Epiphanies
  11. Valley where David slew Goliath
  12. Amenity at a high-end spa
  13. Like Napoleon while in Elba
  14. Suffix added to “Mercedes-Benz” in a joke told by a professor of organic chemistry
  15. “Then Again, Maybe ___” (Judy Blume young adult novel)
  16. Ex-Veep Agnew’s plea
  17. Non-traditional marriage of an ex-Veep/Nobel Peace laureate to a novelist who believed in the pan-sexuality of men and women
  18. When doubled, a Jim Carrey movie
  19. One who was more shocked than awed in March 2003
  20. “Yadda, yadda, yadda”
  21. ___ -laced (excessively strict)
  22. “Hamilton,” for one
  23. “___ I” from Gershwin’s “Lady, Be Good!”
  24. One of a papal dozen
  25. Exemplars of loveliness
  26. Too, in Toulouse
  27. Non-traditional marriage of “Atlas Shrugged” novelist to a pair of politicians, one a current Presidential candiate, the other who ran for Veep under Romney
  28. Manitoba native
  29. Traffic trouble
  30. Dope
  31. What a lumberjack does behind the woodshed
  32. Pink-slips
  33. Ball handler?


  1. Jeanne d’Arc et Bernadette de Lourdes (en Fr.)
  2. Chamberlain who once scored 100 points in a game and claimed to have scored with 20,000 women during his lifetime
  3. Fig. in a divorce court
  4. One of many at The Rockefeller University, informally
  5. Hot or heavy, e.g.
  6. 1990’s Indian P.M.
  7. Grades K-12, for short
  8. Where one could have viewed “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life”
  9. Comparison
  10. Ratatouille ingredient
  11. Berry in dietary supplements
  12. Baryshnikov’s bend
  13. Lacking, in Lyon
  14. Neet idea?
  15. Gently persuade
  16. It’s 1 for H and 4 for He
  17. Japanese chess
  18. Square threesome?
  19. Pitch-black
  20. Prevent
  21. Rock bands?
  22. Send
  23. “La ___ Vita”
  24. Hide-hair connector
  25. Heidi Abromowitz, according to Joan Rivers
  26. What they use rubbers for in London
  27. Prefix with distant or lateral
  28. Kind of aid or arts
  29. Scintilla’s Greek cousin
  30. Sullies the reputation of
  31. “Oy vey” elicitor
  32. Word with circus or blitz
  33. P.D.Q. ___, alter ego of sometime crossword constructor Peter Schickele
  34. Brontë heroine
  35. Freshly
  36. Work detail
  37. “Auld Lang ___”
  38. Word before “word” or “sex”
  39. “Are you ___ out?”
  40. Arctic bird
  41. Happy times


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