“The Answers My Friend …”


George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the Chemistry faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Robert Mark is a native New Yorker currently teaching in Thailand, and a long-time admirer of this puzzle’s theme.  For more information, including a link to the answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here. More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here.


1.Two-person log cutter
7.Stetson or sombrero, e.g.
10.Battery terminal
15.Symbol for viscosity or index of refractionAnswersMyFriendpuzGrid
18.One way to serve curry
19.Small amounts, as ofcream
21.Actor Beatty or Sparks
22.Biff, in the past, present, and “Future”?
25.___ alai
26.Jumbo follower
27.Hawaiian beach ball?
29.Between all and none
30.Reassurance to celllist Yo-Yo?
34.Direct recruiting pitch from an iconic Uncle?
36.Tenth-century pope, better remembered in crosswords than in the history books (anagram of name of a certain rodent)
37.Took ___ for the worse
39.1990’s Indian P.M.
40.Director Tarantino
43.New York tribe, city, or lake
46.Like the walls at WrigleyField
50.One that, according to Higgins, hardly ever happens in Hertford, Hereford, and
52.They’re just this side of paradise?
54.Common street or tree
55.Clinch, as a deal
57.E w e’s m a t e
58.Near-Miss. state?
59.German candy brand
63.Malaysian palm
69.Place for prison guards?
76.Apple implement
77.Pasta, in product names
78.Off course, of course
79.Point of no return?
82.___ Paulo, Brazil
83.Word with dash or happy
86.Prof ’s e-mail address ender
87.Chiropractor’s diary?
93.Local, at times?
97.Don Draper’s domain
98.Gets game
101.“Norma ___”
103.Actors Dillon and Damon
105.Grps. of Boy or Girl Scouts
106.He’s a card
111.Annie Leibovitz, to her fans?
116.X, Y, or Z
117.Collect data or data collector
119.Acronym in the news for gravitational wave detection
120.Start of Massachusetts’ motto
121.Criticize, slangily
122.Admire Jagger or Richards on social media?
126.They may amend xword clues
127.Rubber seal
128.Grievance, slangily
129.Caught, as a butterfly
130.Susan of “The Partridge Family” and “L.A. Law”
132.NYC subway line
133.Tool box item

  1. Loren’s director-husband
  2. Like helium, neon, or argon, but not necessarily xenon
  3. Some jazz combos
  4. Flag-waver, of a sort
  5. Rhine whine?
  6. Flytrap
  7. Laugh line
  8. On the verge of
  9. Eponymous general on a menu
  10. Palindromic pop group
  11. ___ al-Maliki (Iraqi prime minister from 2006-2014)
  12. Simmering, perhaps
  13. California beach town with a racetrack
  14. Eponymous ice cream maker
  15. Dig
  16. Latin lover’s declaration
  17. Goodbye, in Grenoble
  18. Pharmacopoeia selection
  19. Actresses de Havilland and Newton-John
  20. Where many fed. workers reside
  21. Kitchen appliance
  22. “Triumph of the Will” director Riefenstahl
  23. Univ. mil. group
  24. Bean-sprouts bean
  25. Innocent
  26. It may be picked
  27. California’s state bird
  28. Nerdy neighbor on “Family Matters”
  29. Okemah, OK-to-Duluth, MN dir.
  30. Emulate the Pied Piper
  31. “Easy ___!”
  32. Actress/director Lupino
  33. Fish that may be electric
  34. Rockefeller subj. for Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty
  35. Bar mitzvah highlight
  36. Bridge seat
  37. Warren Buffet’s hometown
  38. Bolger and Haley’s 1939 co-star
  39. Amniotic ___
  40. “Evil Woman” grp.
  41. Like Ibsen, to his countrymen
  42. Prefix with centric or thermal
  43. Completely dominates
  44. E and G, e.g., in D.C.
  45. In great demand
  46. Some tides
  47. It often follows a pun
  48. Is under the weather
  49. Create, as havoc
  50. Betty ___ (author of “Embraced by the Light”)
  51. Jim who broke the four-minute mile as a high schooler
  52. Doctors’ org.
  53. Fred’s “Silk Stockings” partner
  54. Subside
  55. Swiss peak
  56. Serving
  57. Buenos ___
  58. Peter or Paul, but not Mary
  59. Pinup’s leg
  60. Pencil part
  61. Comedian MacFarlane or Meyers
  62. ___ out (exhausted)
  63. Many a sitcom rating
  64. Pre-Raphaelite painter-poet
  65. Sweet German bread
  66. Domain
  67. Dirty
  68. Blasé
  69. Rust, for one
  70. ___-face (smooching)
  71. Father or son actor Alan or Adam
  72. ___ in sight (interminable)
  73. Pre-weekend shout
  74. It might take 10 yrs. to mature
  75. Ed who voiced Carl in “Up”
  76. Marsh growth
  77. Gets game
  78. His wife became a pillar of their community
  79. Sash for Madama Butterfly
  80. Econ. yardstick
  81. Nice seasoning
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