The $100 Guitar Project

by Nick Didkovsky

I am honored and pleased to share with my colleagues an NPR story that recently aired about my $100 Guitar Project.

Two years ago, I bought a generic, no-name electric guitar online with a friend of mine for $100. We passed it around to over 60 players in various countries and on various coasts, asking each to compose and record an original piece with it. The resulting collection of works is released on a double CD on Bridge Records that is available now on iTunes and Amazon. A portion of the profits on each sale will be donated to the nonprofit organization CARE.

The NPR story about the $100 Guitar Project aired in December, 2012 and can be heard at the link below (there is a “Listen Now” button under the headline).

I hope you enjoy this story; it has enriched my life greatly over the last couple of years and continues to generate lots of good energy.


Editor’s Note: A little history of CARE via “CARE was founded after World War II, on November 27th, 1945. Originally known as the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, it aimed at sending food aid and basic supplies to war-torn Europe, in the form of ‘CARE packages.’ As the economies of the former wartime nations developed and improved, the focus of CARE’s work shifted from Europe to the problems of the developing world. In the 1950s, CARE expanded into emerging nations, and in the 1960s, the organization pioneered primary health care programs. In the 1970s, CARE responded to massive famines in Africa with both emergency relief and long-term agroforestry projects, striving to bring about lasting, meaningful change in the world’s poorest communities.

February 2013

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