Supreme Effort

By George Barany and Friends

This bipartisan politically themed puzzle was created within hours of a much-anticipated announcement by a consortium of friends of Rockefeller alum (1977) George Barany, who is currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to its answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends puzzles can be found here.


  1. CPR proscd2c4ec2-fc3d-4f3d-b4fb-b0fb7d88305e
  2. Tide type
  3. Basemen may apply them
  4. Evil, to Yves
  5. Extol the virtues of
  6. Made a mess of
  7. Court org.
  8. Supreme Court originalist for three decades
  9. F on a questionnaire, e.g.
  10. W’s First Lady
  11. Quito’s nation: Abbr.
  12. Waist management program
  13. Senate Majority Leader
  14. Hockey surface
  15. ___-di-dah
  16. Pig’s digs
  17. Tried’s partner
  18. Superstar?
  19. They follow the “nus”
  20. “Mommie ___”
  21. Word rhymed with “hotel” by Elvis in “Heartbreak Hotel”
  22. Anesthetized, perhaps
  23. Admitted guilt for, as a lesser charge
  24. President who followed Article II of the Constitution three times during his two terms in office
  25. Like some knights and baseball throws
  26. Subway fare?
  27. Camel’s backbreaker?
  28. Molded, as metal
  29. “___ Ba Yah”
  30. Ma who first played in the White House at age 7
  31. Regarding, in legalese
  32. Its hubs are in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm
  33. Best Foreign Language Film of 2014
  34. Honey maker
  35. Chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
  36. Plural suffix with auction or musket
  37. Minor tautomer for majority of ketones
  38. Lubricated, like a baseball glove being broken in
  39. Half a Hollywood Hungarian
  40. Request from 50-Across to 26-Across, with respect to nomination of 73-Across to succeed 19-Across
  41. Muesli morsel
  42. Cell alternative
  43. Pay to play
  44. Yiddish laments
  45. One-named Irish Grammy winner
  46. Govt. grp. that once subcontracted work to Edward Snowden
  47. Tournament ranking


  1. Bibliog. space saver
  2. ___ Lisa
  3. Nobel Peace Prize winner from South Africa
  4. Thunderous event
  5. Two-time Super Bowl MVP Manning
  6. Fine porcelain
  7. Cardinal family name
  8. It incited a 1773 party
  9. Jewish rights org.
  10. SNL’s Father Sarducci
  11. Hard word for Eliza Doolittle
  12. Became proficient in
  13. Honest ___, the first Republican President
  14. Far from draconian
  15. Some pond coverings
  16. Polish site
  17. Appeal
  18. Individual mandate, according to a June 2012 Supreme Court ruling
  19. Fred’s “Silk Stockings” co-star
  20. One of the deadly sins
  21. Jared who won an Academy Award for playing a transgender woman
  22. King of ME, e.g.
  23. Bull’s partner
  24. Adam’s madam
  25. Type of tuna
  26. “Parting is ___ sweet sorrow”
  27. Green govt. grp. since middle of Nixon admin.
  28. Charity
  29. Actress whose lover Johnny was stabbed to death by her daughter Cheryl
  30. Airport or Amtrak code associated with Wisconsin’s largest city
  31. Eponymous verb derived from a 1987 Reagan Supreme Court nominee
  32. Football positions: Abbr.
  33. French broths
  34. Dutch treat
  35. Greet the judge, for example
  36. Strategic withdrawals
  37. Take the money and run
  38. Sailor’s affirmative
  39. Job lot?
  40. Disapproving sound
  41. Org. with Jerry Lewis-hosted Labor Day telethon (1966-2014)
  42. It may be hidden
  43. Benefactor of the Keating Five
  44. Oft-cited auth.
  45. Self-aggrandizing boast
  46. House channel
  47. “The Thinker” sculptor
  48. Demanding, egotistical types
  49. Kind of wolf
  50. Kitchen extension?
  51. Exploit
  52. Bronx ___
  53. Utter
  54. Unspecified number
  55. “Are ___ pair?” (“Send in the Clowns” lyric)