Stronger Together!

George Barany and Friends

This politically themed puzzle comes to you from a consortium of progressively-minded friends of Rockefeller alum (1977) George Barany, who is currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to its answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends puzzles can be found here.


1. Guinness who played Obi-Wan KenobiPuzzle
5. Piece of Gail Collins’ mind
9. Controversial cab alternative
13. Bohr or Borge
14. Election contest, e.g.
15. Fear-mongerer’s feelings
16. Secretary campaigning in 2016 for a promotion
19. Word before and after “baby,” in a Sarah Palin slogan
20. They play ball in New York
21. “___ Got a Secret”
23. Magician’s cry
25. Rodeo ropes
28. “When there are no ceilings, ___” (optimistic vision from 16-Across)
32. José or Francisco’s leader?
33. Consigns, as the nuclear launch codes, say
34. Besides
36. It’s frozen in Frankfurt
37. Kids’ guessing game
41. Gourmet burger chain with a bird mascot
46. Dessert choice, especially on March 14
47. Kate Smith’s signature song (and patriotic closing words for 16-Across)
51. Bad atmosphere, as in a brutal political campaign
52. Innovative
53. Like a fox, it’s said
54. Force in the OJ trial spotlight
57. Faith for Ghazala and Khizr Khan
60. Apropos sound bite from 16-Across
64. Old Peruvian
65. Calculus calculation
66. Sikorsky or Stravinsky
67. Okla. or La., once
68. Give a little
69. ___ Le Pew


1. Condition treated with Ritalin, briefly
2. Hideaway
3. Spices up
4. Orchestral strings
5. Rink legend Bobby
6. They may cut the checks or call the shots
7. Behold, to Brutus
8. Shoulder muscle, in gym lingo (homophone of 43-Down)
9. Cremation container
10. It flies by night
11. Narcissistic characteristic
12. Expulsion of an alien (from the French for “send back”)
17. How great minds may think
18. Key chain?
22. Is in France?
24. ___ St. James, first woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500
26. PC key
27. Mexican “ayes”
28. LAX screeners
29. Shakespearean or theatrical Prince
30. The Andrews Sisters and The Jonas Brothers, for two
31. Bygone farmowners (and no, it has nothing to do with marital status!)
35. Eyes, poetically
38. Liquid overflow
39. Many a JPEG file, briefly
40. Thumbs-up vote
42. Common street or tree
43. Handed out cards
44. “As I see it,” in a text
45. Alexander Hamilton’s Caribbean birthplace
47. Many US cars
48. Like some old-fashioned lamps
49. January 20, 2017 to 16-Across, one can hope
50. FedEx again, e.g.
55. Qatari, e.g.
56. Free of contaminants
58. On the pinnacle
59. Insignificant
61. TiVo precursor
62. With “by,” how things may be played
63. Hippie’s hangout