Second Monday in October


George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the Chemistry faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Martin Abresch is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, currently living in Seattle, and this is his first published puzzle.  For more information, including a link to the answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here.

1. Name hidden by Hirschfeldcolumbusdaynaturalselectionscpuzzle
5. Piece of Gail Collins’ mind
9. Candy launcher?
13. Like jelly beans
14. Nice old man?
15. Ballerina Tallchief
16. Thorpe and Alexie, for two, and peoples honored by California and South Dakota with an October holiday
19. Pushkin dandy who kills his friend in a duel
20. His final game in pinstripes marked the only time during the 2016 season that he played 3rd base
21. Mid-sized?
22. Winter time in NYC
24. Symbol for viscosity or index of refraction
25. They’re gained by RBs, WRs, and TEs
26. Beauty, it’s said
31. Mighty companion
33. Perfect
34. It’s spun about
36. Attic, perhaps, to bats
39. Long-time host of “Scientific American Frontiers”
40. Nick name?
42. No-win situation
43. Nation formed from a successful slave revolt
45. “Quit it!”
46. Site of Nobel Peace Center
47. Sonorous disc
49. Some Rio 2016 competitors in sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball
51. West who said “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted”
53. ___ Jones
55. Word before diem or capita
56. Coffee vessel
57. Largest dwarf planet in the solar system
59. One who will stop watching … after just one more episode
64. 18-Down’s first book … and a possible wish for the name of an October holiday
67. Astronaut getup
68. Place for lovers?
69. Absolute ___ (temperature at which all molecular motion ceases)
70. Rural agreement
71. Scott in an 1857 case
72. Fr. holy women

1. Pitching gem accomplished 7 times by Ryan, informally
2. ___ the Terrible
3. Election prognosticator Silver
4. Character with the tagline “Booyakasha!”
5. New horizons for 15th century explorers
6. Research subject, to Mendel
7. Bombeck who wrote “Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died”
8. Steel plow inventor
9. Air bladder, for one
10. Little Bighorn warrior whose memorial is the site of celebrations of an October holiday
11. Having prongs
12. Arrangement holders
15. Where trapeze artists connect
17. Got in the game
18. Author of 64-Across
23. Gulf Coast state
26. “___ mat” (Farsi phrase that led, etymologically, to “checkmate”)
27. Caffeine nut
28. From where they’re found, as peoples honored by numerous US cities on an
October holiday
29. “Spiffy!”
30. Galapagos island that was home to Lonesome George (anagram of PAINT)
32. Play title character who has no lines
35. Put one’s foot down
37. Closer object
38. Terrible ___
41. Made an overture
44. Seeing red?
48. Bloodstained
50. Language that gave us “pajamas”
51. Hot and humid
52. Came to light
54. Handle
58. Chicken pox reminder
60. Baseless plots, for short
61. “As if!”
62. Medical breakthrough
63. General ___ chicken
65. Turn down, in a way
66. The loneliest number, according to a 1969 song

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