RU Ready for Halloween?

Dedicated to the memory of Moses Malone

By George Barany

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the faculty at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities. At a 1974 Halloween party at Rockefeller, he dressed up as Moses Malone, who was born in the same year, and who also “skipped college for the big time.” For more about this specific puzzle, including links to the answer and a “midrash,” visit More Barany and Friends crosswords are at

cross wordAcross

1. They can brighten up a room
6. War horse
11. One way to swing
14. W.W. II menace
15. Rwanda resident
16. NYC Ave.
17. Griffin’s man-cave hangings?
19. Darth Vader’s boyhood nickname
20. Processes of elimination?
21. Alleviated
23. Z to Field or Chait
26. Mantle, once
27. de Duve’s last-minute costume?
31. Love of Paris?
32. Habituate
33. Short change?
36. Green, in Grenoble
37. Catch or catcher
38. Salmon sort
39. Suffix added to “Mercedes-Benz” in a joke told by Agosta or Merrifield?
40. “
41. Jesse who set a record for most consecutive wins in relief to start a career (homonym of common construction equipment)
42. Palade’s glow-in-the-dark decoration?
44. Gerrymander
47. Pitifully small
48. Madison Square Garden, e.g.
49. Sister of Moses and Aaron
52. Bad beginning?
53. Mauro’s special hot sauce?
58. Peptide bond dihedral angle
59. Mosaic materials
60. Aria addressing a portrait
61. Part of a line: Abbr.
62. What matzoh is missing
63. Council of churches


1. Hon, in Hampshire
2. Palindromic pro league for Dr. J and Moses Malone
3. Palindromic pop psychologist?
4. Woe to an envelope stuffer, perhaps
5. Drink of brandy and crème de menthe
6. Acronym for studies that prepare for high-tech jobs
7. Instrument called by the Latin word for “trumpet”
8. Greek vowels
9. Winter setting in NYC
10. Rockefeller concern
11. It may have a round bottom
12. Fleming or Zellweger
13. Rust, e.g
18. Casting need
22. It may be fare to an aardvark
23. Want in the worst way
24. Schwarzenegger and Stallone, e.g.
25. Really fancy
26. Days of knights?
28. Slow, at La Scala
29. Cousins of fruit flies
30. Impresario Sol
33. Winter wear
34. β-mercaptoethanol, e.g.
35. Bono or Liston
37., e.g.
38. Cheesy place
40. Bushes or Kennedys, e.g.
41. Breaks, as by a protease or nuclease
42. Pen pal?
43. Arabic for “commander”
44. They go on and off
45. One way to get the lead out?
46. Allen’s title chameleon
49. She played Lily in “Black Swan”
50. Bad day for Caesar
51. Take five
54. Humble dessert?
55. Palindromic diarist Anaïs
56. Palindromic prefix meaning “ear”
57. Undrinkable coffee