RU Familiar with RU?

by George Barany and Marjorie Russel

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1. Developmental biologist who mentored Nobelist Sperry

6. Electrician’s favorite rock band?

10. Charlie Chaplin’s brother

13. Creator of Joe Btfsplk

15. 1963 role for Liz

16. Palindromic “War on Poverty” agcy.

17. She is universally known on RU campus by this first and maiden name

19. 157.5° from S

20. Rotating machine part

21. Middle of palindrome about Napoleon’s exile

22. This is broken open by Funabiki and used after fertilization by Brivanlou

24. First laboratory building erected on site of former Schermerhorn farm

27. Supplement

30. School drills

31. Wavelike design

32. Evian, par exemple

33. Ergot host

36. 1958 Harrison & Abramovitz building with courtyard and superb view of the East River

41. Pig pen

42. Singer with a palindromic name

43. Soup ingredients, often

44. Tree that a benzene derivative is named after

46. Spartan

48. It may not be Trump Tower, but sure is convenient for late-night experiments

52. Soup ingredients, often

53. “Much ___ About Nothing”

54. Mean: Abbr.

57. Him, in Heidelberg

58. Research Building named for husband and son of 17-Across

62. Talk type

63. “May ___ you as a reference?”

64. California’s “Raisin Capital of the World”

65. “Good” research subject for Breslow

66. One-time Pontiac muscle cars

67. Prominent American biophysicist, educator, and RU leader, whose family gave its name to a NYC borough



1. W.W. II females’ service grp.

2. End of palindrome about Napoleon’s exile

3. Titan covered by SALT

4. Two cents worth

5. Place for sweaters?

6. 14-___, like RU campus

7. MDX ÷ X

8. Well-behaved

9. Share the emceeing

10. “Crime and Punishment” heroine

11. Streisand’s directorial debut

12. Wooden pin

14. Il ___ (it rains: Fr.)

18. First Bond flick

23. One of the Five Civilized Nations

24. John of “Dynasty”

25. “Dedicated to the ___ Love”

26. Q.E.D. word

27. RNA monomer, and (when cyclic) a second messenger

28. Actress promoted in the ’50s and ’60s as “The English Marilyn Monroe”

29. Waist management program, orthogonal to Friedman’s research discoveries

32. Composer of crosswords?

34. Mongolian tent

35. Morales of “La Bamba” and “NYPD Blue”

37. Gives sparingly

38. Adequate, slangily

39. Pawn

40. PC key

45. Offshore sight

46. Gal Friday, e.g.

47. Speak derisively

48. Microbiologist/epidemiologist who was written up in “Microbe Hunters”

49. ___ and aahed

50. Shift sequence

51. “The ___ Progress” (Stravinsky opera based on Hogarth paintings)

54. “___ sprach Zarathustra”

55. English logician with a diagram named for him

56. Robert Heinlein-coined word meaning “to understand deeply”

59. G. Solti’s Windy City employer, 1969-91

60. Tarzan creator’s monogram

61. Celtic sea god (anagram of “erl”)

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