Puzzle to Play With

By Arlene Romoff and George Barany

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Arlene Romoff is an advocate and author in the area of hearing loss, based in New Jersey. For more about this specific puzzle, including links to the answer and a “midrash,” visit http://tinyurl.com/puzzletoplaywithpuz. More Barany and Friends crosswords are at http://tinyurl.com/gbpuzzle.


1. Boy toy
6. Understands
10. Certain herring
14. “It is ___ wind that blows…”
15. Peaceful, not-so-smart race in “The Time Machine”
16. Former Yankee first baseman Martinez
17. Scrappy but lovable companion
19. Baseball’s Mel and Ed
20. To paraphrase Mark Twain, a man who serves two masters
21. Adorable carnival giveaway
23. Has too much, briefly
24. Number two
26. Anti-narcotics branch of govt.
27. Mark for life
29. Kwik-E-Mart clerk on “The Simpsons”
31. Big bird of stories
34. Inscribed pillar
37. Star of “Hulk,” “Troy,” and “Munich”
39. Iconic creator of products coveted by collectors
42. Election day survey
43. Workout program you might do for kicks?
44. Humorist’s forte
45. Shakespearean snake
46. Sechs/zwei
48. Rowboat accessory
50. Crossword puzzler’s favorite cookie
52. Gathered dust
55. Curvaceous clotheshorse
58. Roadblock
61. Hodgepodge

62. Colloquial compliment … or a hint to 1-,17-, 21-, 39-, 55-, and 69-Across
64. Alchemy material
65. Indian royalty
66. Major pro-choice org.
67. Take-out order?
68. JFK guesses
69. Small cutie with a wardrobe trunk

1. She laughed in “Ninotchka”
2. Grant-___ (Federal subsidy)
3. Chimp who played Tarzan’s pal Cheeta
4. Gymnast Korbut
5. K-6: Abbr.
6. It blows off steam
7. Lift up
8. Weight unit for bricks, in a saying
9. Swim alternative
10. Best-selling author who wrote “I did not write it. God wrote it. I merely did his dictation”
11. Top of the pops
12. Nay sayer
13. Doctor’s order
18. Battle or Price, e.g.
22. School
25. Cut back
27. Blind segment
28. Italian aperitif
30. Snaps
32. Common first floor apt. no.
33. Beloved, in “Rigoletto”
34. Old World duck
35. It’s hailed by city dwellers
36. It’s a matter of opinion
37. Pipe fitter’s union?
38. ___ B’rith
40. Homer’s “rosy-fingered” goddess
41. Fare for Fido
46. Flotsam and jetsam
47. Glass-encased item in “Beauty and the Beast”
49. Domicile
51. Pugilistic period
52. Contempt
53. Poe’s middle name
54. Brit’s boob tube
55. Fearless
56. On the quiet side
57. Brontë heroine
59. Tart taste
60. Louisiana tribe
63. Muesli morsel

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