Purple Reign


George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the Chemistry faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Deane Morrison, a distinguished science writer, is his U of M colleague. For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to the answer, visit here. More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here.


1.___ coil (electrical device invented in1891)PrinceTributeGrid
6.Aussie greeting, often followed by “mate”
10.Ballplayer’s headgear
13.They keep the wheels turning
14.Song title shared by “The Sound of Music” and “West Side Story”
15.Put away groceries?
16.Facility whose large glass pyramid would glow purple whenever this puzzle’s
honoree was present
19.Band boosters
20.Theater chain that merged with AMC in 2006
21.Get bushed
22.___ moss
24.Concise in speech
26.Billboard’s #1 single of 1984
30.Fish stick?
31.Scott Turow autobiographical bestseller of 1977
32.Get ready to drive, in golf
36.“___ U”
38.Number of Grammies won, as well as pronunciation of a #3 top 40 hit, by this
puzzle’s honoree
41.Small force
42.Classified, as blood
44.Land of Esau’s descendants
46.DDE’s wartime command
47.Prince’s followers
51.Big wind
54.Go ___ great length
55.Willing partner
59.Coffee, tea, or beer
62.No-win situation
63.Song that begins with a spoken eulogy to “this thing called life”
65.Bobbie Gentry wrote one to Billy Joe
66.The ___ Project (“Sleeper”)
67.Quibblers split them
68.Nothing but the bottom of the ___
69.Some mil. awards
70.Old lab heaters named after a volcano


  1. Spanish appetizer
  2. Oral, e.g.
  3. Missed a beat
  4. Ameliorate, in a way
  5. Means of communication at Gallaudet Univ.
  6. Rubberneck
  7. Talks slowly, in a way
  8. Lung compartment
  9. Hirsute Himalayan
  10. Rustic retreat
  11. Video game name
  12. Georges who wrote “A Void” (novel without the letter “E”)
  13. Muscle: Prefix
  14. John and namesakes
  15. Played around (with)
  16. “Much ___ About Nothing”
  17. Flat-screen predecessor, for short
  18. Order
  19. Word with cow or mackerel
  20. Center of gravity?
  21. Small eel
  22. Result of computer overuse, maybe
  23. Golden rule preposition
  24. Drudge
  25. Chapter’s companion
  26. They may amend xword clues
  27. Emphatic denial, as to news of a tragedy
  28. How many it takes to tango in Spain?
  29. Dudes
  30. Arcade fans
  31. Strikingly unusual
  32. Dedicated experimentalist or experimental subject
  33. Stick with the beat?
  34. Tolerate
  35. Winter weather woe
  36. Exploits
  37. NFL linemen
  38. Cornell of Cornell University
  39. “Swiss Family Robinson” author Johann
  40. Bristol boy
  41. Revolutionary whose beret was never raspberry