Pets of Tri-I: Remy

Audrey Goldfarb

This month, I interviewed Remy, a spunky and fashionable one-year-old French bulldog. We met for the first time on the lawn of the Graduate Student Residence on a particularly frigid February afternoon. Remy’s curious and energetic nature was undeterred despite the temperature, and also despite the fact that he has probably explored that patch of grass hundreds of times previously. His genuine enthusiasm for his surroundings reminded me to appreciate the mundanities of everyday life. And his chic red jacket and adorable booties inspired me to dress for the job I want, not for the job I have. Remy lives on campus with his doting parents, Rockefeller University Ph.D. candidate Nicole Infarinato and her partner, Ryan Platt.

Audrey Goldfarb: How did you first meet Nicole and Ryan?

Remy: We met when I was just a little puppy in New Jersey. They wanted to take me home that minute, but I had a hairy mole on my eyeball that needed surgery. I guess no one is perfect! I had to stay in a cone all by myself to heal, but I am tough as nails. Mummy and Daddy came back to pick me up during a snow squall. What is a snow SQUALL!? It took hours to get to NYC, but I loved my new home and all my new toys.

AG: Have you trained your parents to do any tricks?

R: If I huff and go under the table, that’s how they know I need to go outside, immediately. Once they understand, I do downward dog stretch to show them I’m limbering up for our walk. If I bark and gurgle at them, it means Mummy or Daddy need to stop what they’re doing immediately and come throw my tennis ball or dragon, Puff. When I drop my toys off the couch, I stamp my feet and curse in dog so they know I need immediate assistance. I do not like waiting.

AG: Have you seen any good shows lately?

R:  I always start my day with the weatherman Erick Adame on New York 1 News. I love Erick Adame! Then I watch Hoda on the Morning Show. I love Hoda! And also, have you seen Paw Patrol? It is riveting and profound.

AG: What are your favorite foods? 


AG: Where do you like to take Nicole and Ryan on walks?

R:  Off campus! Must escape!

AG: How do you help out around the apartment?

R:  Moral support and entertainment. I have been saving the year, really. I also keep watch in our window in case something very interesting is happening that we must not miss out on.

Some days are slower than others, but my attention never wavers!

AG: Have you been enjoying the snowy weather?

R:  Yes, it’s 100% different from rain. Daddy bought me a big red coat and snow boots. This is normal and not weird at all. I am a fashion icon. Stay tuned for my spring season looks!

It’s not normal for anyone to look this good.

AG: Have you witnessed anything interesting lately?

R: Yes! There are some shady snowmen that have been popping up around campus. I do not trust them. Where are their masks!? I pull out their stick arms to defend us.

AG: What is your astrological sign?

R: Virgo, but I’m really a Taurus. I am a little bull! My birthday is September 14. Please send gifts!

AG: What is your biggest fear?

R: Missing out. I have serious FOMO.

AG: What is your love language?

R:  Popcorn.

AG: What is your greatest strength?

R: Keeping everyone happy during the pandemic. Also, walking in doggie boots. I slay!

AG: What is your biggest weakness?

R:  Popcorn.

AG: Describe your perfect Saturday.

R:  After sleeping in, having brunch, and surveying campus, I watch Manchester United with Daddy. Then we all go on a long walk and explore NYC. I find a new tennis ball and am delighted. Maybe I even get to go into CVS. We end the day with cuddles and popcorn on the couch. I get many cookies and take many naps.  

It’s a good thing the players can’t see how much better I look in this uniform than they do

AG: What would Nicole and Ryan do without you?

R:  *Huffs and curses in dog*

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