Natural Expressions

This month, Nick Didkovsky, Bioinformatics Group Supervisor in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at The Rockefeller University, announced the release of CHORD’s third album CHORD III. Didkovsky plays guitar, composes, and produces music in this electric guitar duo. Described as “heavy, deep listening,” this album is an experience that “draws the listener further into the expansive chasms of sound that were excavated by [CHORD’s] first two releases.” Check out CHORD III online. Didkovsky’s band Doctor Nerve is also celebrating the release of their album LOUD, mixed by Nik Chinboukas (producer/engineer for Testament and Metal Allegiance) and mastered by Thomas Dimuzio. LOUD features eleven bonus tracks and is available online for $7.

Gretchen M. Michelfeld of The Rockefeller University’s Office of General Counsel is excited to announce the availability of her film As Good As You for streaming on Amazon Prime and EPIX. Michelfeld was the screenwriter and executive producer for As Good As You, a serious comedy that follows writer Jo (Laura Heisler) in the aftermath of her wife’s untimely death. Jo is on a quest to have a child by in vitro fertilization using her deceased wife’s brother, Jamie (Bryan Dechart) as a sperm donor, and things get complicated. Checkout the trailer or watch As Good As You for free with Amazon Prime.

Chris Marhula of the MacKinnon laboratory completed the Brooklyn Half Marathon Virtual Race. With outdoor events cancelled for public safety, the New York Road Runners transitioned to virtual events. Runners can participate remotely, while observing social distancing guidelines, and submit their miles using the Strava fitness app. On Saturday, May 2nd, Marhula completed the 13.1 miles necessary to finish the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Bernie Langs of The Rockefeller University Development Office announces the release of his new song “Grow Old Along With Me and Other Songs of Hope” on SoundCloud. Drawing on themes of hope and inspiration, Langs acts as musician, vocalist, and composer for this medley of songs featuring the work of John Lennon, The Beatles, and World Party. You can listen to Langs’ composition here.

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