Natural Expressions


Nick Didkovsky, Bioinformatics Group Supervisor in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Rockefeller, announces record releases and video premieres from his bands Doctor Nerve and Vomit Fist:

  • Doctor Nerve is an eight-piece instrumental band and just released what may be their heaviest and most hard-hitting record yet, LOUD (available on CD, digital download, and limited edition vinyl). The band also recently premiered a video, “If You Were Me Right Now I’d Be Dead,” where the musicians filmed the music at half-speed and backwards, then flipped and sped up the footage to synchronize to the music, for a very unique and jittery effect.
  • Vomit Fist is a three-piece metal band that just released their second EP, Omnicide. This release made the top twenty-five releases of 2019 by Sonic Abuse, and consists of extremely dense, high energy tracks, some of which are incredibly short (in fact, one piece serves as a convenient, twenty-second hand washing guide). A new lyric video for the track “Flies Choke the Grove” premiered on Invisible Oranges and can be viewed here.

Bernie Langs of The Rockefeller University Development Office has released a new music video, “I’ve Been Everywhere.” Langs acted as video director and musician, covering the song “I’ve Been Everywhere” while setting his performance to photos and footage from the past decade of his travels. Langs’ release can be viewed on his YouTube page.

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