Life on a Roll: In Bloom

Ilana Kotliar

Pisces. Like the symbol for Pisces, one fish swimming up and one descending in the opposite direction, so too do these flowers extend in opposing directions. Although the little purple beauties are part of the same plant, some strive upwards, towards the sky, whereas others focus their gaze exclusively on the earth below.
Fighting for your attention. This is probably the most pleasant “fight” you’ve ever seen! Just like overly eager school children, the flowers are crowding on top of each other and as if to say “Pick me! Pick me!” Each flower is working with the circumstances at hand to try to stand out and be the favorite.
Extraordinary spring. The Rockefeller University campus is in full bloom. This tree-lined path is a mundane sight for hundreds of people, but I hope that this photo highlights how extraordinary the campus is, especially in the spring.
Together we rise. Tiny but mighty, these flowers seem to tower over the imposing building in the background. The stalks rise together, unfazed by the shade, yearning to conquer the world through their gradual growth. Together we rise is a reminder that anything is possible with persistence and the right perspective.
Iridescent. These sheer, delicate petals scatter light much like the clear, turquoise water of the Caribbean sea at noon. The wind rustled the flowers, amplifying the illusion and creating a feeling of gentle waves passing through you, gradually accumulating power.