Life on a Roll

Inside Iran: the Columns of Persepolis

Nan Pang

Persepolis, or “the city of the Persians,” is located northeast of Shiraz—just about one hour by car. As the history of the site stretches back almost 2,500 years, Persepolis had embodied the magnificent wealth and prosperity of the Achaemenid Empire and is considered one of the most significant archeological sites of the Achaemenid Empire as well as pre-Islamic Persia until its destruction by Alexander the Great. If you want to see what it was like back then, renting a pair of Virtual Reality 3D reconstruction glasses at the entrance is highly recommended. Although the stones decay and colors fade, the columns of Persepolis still stand high and proud today—as if they have been witnessing the turbulent history of Iran for over the last two and half millennia.

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