Life on a Roll

Qiong Wang

“My first visit to Venice was around this time last year. It brought back so many good memories just to browse through the photos. The city is one of a kind. Even though I had heard and read a decent amount about it before my visit, I still felt embarrassed for being so ignorant about the depth and richness of its art and history. I wish I knew the story of every bridge in Venice; I wish I had more knowledge about the work and life of Titian so that I could have an enhanced spiritual exchange with the talented artist in the Frari church. I wish I knew more about the Venetian Republic so that I could envision the prosperity of the medieval powerhouse as the motor sound of vaporettos synthesized into the sound of waves in the grand canal. However, I was not so impressed by the vibrant Burano island although it is a cute spot for photography. Spero di visitare di nuovo! ”



All Photos by QIONG WANG