Graduating Class Superlatives


Sarah Baker

Every group of students that graduates from The Rockefeller University is quite exceptional. Along the way to their PhDs the students who have worked here, struggled here, and accomplished here have become a family. Just like a family, each individual is unique—there is the crazy uncle, the positive go-getter sister, or the cousin that is late to every family meal. This year there are 30 students graduating with PhDs and they voted on who was at the extremes of different personality traits. Here are the results.

Best Dressed
Tasos Gogakos


Best Hair
Remzi Karayol and Sandra Jones


Best Facial Expressions
Linda Molla


Best Laugh
Malik Chaker-Margot and Yuehyi Gloria Wu


Devon Collins


Biggest Procrastinator
Gregory Goldberg and Thomas Hsiao


Lena Kutscher


Most Adventurous
Douglas Deutsch



Most Ambitious

Emily Dennis and Michael Mitchell


Most Changed Since 1st Year
Wendy Wang


Most Athletic
Laura Seeholzer



Most Artistic
Zhenrun Jerry Zhang



Most Likely to Affect Policy
Avital Percher



Most Likely to be Famous
Jason Pinger


Most Likely to be President
Andrew Gregg


Most Likely to be Working All Night Long
Sean McKenzie and Sze Sing Shaun Teo


Most Likely to Live the Longest
Kenneth Atkins and Jonathan Steinman


Most Likely to Return to Rockefeller as a PI
Raphael Cohn


Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize
Lillian Cohn


Most Likely to Write a Best-Selling Novel
Andrew Milewski


Most Musical
Christopher Jenness and Kimberly Siletti