February Bulletin

Pregame Your Brain: The Science of Movement

 The Rockefeller Members of the KnowScience organization Sarah Baker, Tiago Altavini, Jyen Yiee Wong, and Simona Giunta would like to invite you to the “Pregame Your Brain” event at Caveat on February 8. From 6 to 8 p.m. scientists will introduce guests to the science of movement at the following stations:

  • Microsoft Kinect: Come discover the latest technology behind motion sensing to understand how learning about movement can help recover movement in people that have been hurt or sick. Scientist: Sarah Baker.
  • Leap Motion Controller: The infrared light sensor of the Leap Motion Controller tracks the motion of your hand and forearm, allowing you to play a video game without touching any surface! Scientist: Chiara Bertipaglia.
  • Human-human interface: Have you ever dreamt of controlling the people around you? Now you can! Come control someone else’s arm with your brain! Scientists: Stephanie Rogers, Heather Snell.
  • Visual Illusions: Challenge yourself with mind-blowing optical illusions. Come find out how they are gathered by your eye and processed by your brain, creating a disconnection between perception and reality. Scientist: Tiago Siebert Altavini.

The event is free with advanced RSVP online or $5 at the door (21+).

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