Clown Car

By George Barany and Friends

This politically themed puzzle comes to you from a consortium of progressively-minded friends of Rockefeller alum (1977) George Barany, who is currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to its answer, visit here.   More Barany and Friends puzzles can be found here.


  1. Way to goclowncargrid
  2. Env. stuffer, at times
  3. Doo-wop syllable
  4. Can. city
  5. Cacophonous
  6. Make tawdry
  7. Brazilian city, familiarly
  8. Like a GOP candidate’s convoluted approach to the Jewish question?
  9. Surfing site
  10. Triangle type
  11. “___ B?”
  12. Dedicatee of a piano classic
  13. Like ears of some politicians
  14. GOP candidate’s optical illusion?
  15. City Obama visited to receive his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  16. Those, to José
  17. Houston AFL team that became the Tennessee Titans
  18. Fascinate
  19. Communication system for the gorilla Koko: Abbr.
  20. Jai ___
  21. “La Fille du Regiment” role that made Pavarotti a superstar
  22. Showy annuals
  23. Political scandal topic, perhaps
  24. GOP candidate’s autonomous tactics?
  25. African-American alternative to LGBT
  26. Ties together
  27. Supremes’ wear
  28. Pub pints
  29. Ball girl?
  30. Reason for a bad hare day?
  31. “Le ___” (Matisse piece)
  32. Sicilian volcano
  33. John or Paul, but not George or Ringo
  34. Like a GOP candidate’s amateurish operation?
  35. God, to a Rastafarian
  36. Legend maker
  37. California’s Big ___
  38. Leary who advocated “”turn on, tune in, drop out”
  39. You can give it a whirl
  40. GOP code for pro-gay, proabortion Jews
  41. Med. care grp. in the USA
  42. Staring at trouble
  43. Nail-biting
  44. José or Francisco’s leader?
  45. John Quincy, to John Adams
  46. Masthead VIPs
  47. Brand, in a way



  1. Cut back
  2. Like Carson’s campaign, it seems
  3. Soliloquy starter
  4. Styling stuff
  5. Green concern: Abbr.
  6. Ice-loving org.
  7. Fragrant coniferous trees
  8. Kind of bank where you lose interest after making a deposit?
  9. The other woman
  10. Cherubim, at the Vatican
  11. South African golfer nicknamed “The Big Easy”
  12. Requiem Mass hymn
  13. Chain whose name derives from its original room rate
  14. Rice-A-___
  15. “___ Ben Adhem”
  16. Swindler, slangily
  17. Kinks song with the lyrics “girls will be boys and boys will be girls”
  18. Vehicle that’s hailed
  19. ___ opposites
  20. Baseball’s Mel or Ed
  21. Welcome sign on B’way
  22. Multi-PC hookup, for short
  23. Steakhouse sound
  24. Put out
  25. Actress Bening
  26. Squelches
  27. Chief ___-A-Homa (onetime Braves mascot)
  28. Put into pigeonholes, maybe
  29. Excessive
  30. Gun show exemptions, e.g.
  31. Rest periods
  32. Eyesight issue
  33. Becomes more lenient with
  34. Introduction to chemistry?
  35. Clairvoyance, e.g.
  36. “___ You Later, Alligator” (hit for Bill Haley and the Comets)
  37. Very, to Wilhelm
  38. Indira’s son and successor
  39. Grammy winner Morissette
  40. The Continent
  41. Dam site in Egypt
  42. Dolls’ dates
  43. Latin 101 word, much loved in crosswords
  44. NYC Theater District discount booth
  45. Adjust, as a radio
  46. “___ real nowhere man”
  47. North Sea flower
  48. Composer of crosswords?
  49. Carew or Stewart