Citi-zens United

By George Barany, Christopher Adams, John Child, Charles Flaster, and Brent Hartzell

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977), currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Christopher Adams is a graduate student at the University of Iowa, John Child runs a business in Nepal, Charles Flaster is a retired school teacher in the Philadelphia area, and Brent Hartzell is the finance director for the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to the answer, click here. Also, try more Barany and Friends crossword puzzles.puzzle


  1. One of the “Three Bs”
  2. One who crosses a line
  3. Go-to ballplayers, colloquially
  4. “Bull Durham” transportation
  5. Like Citi Field when 122-Across’s Yoenis Céspedes goes deep
  6. End of a palindrome about Napoleon’s exile
  7. Bagel, e.g.
  8. Lady’s man, briefly
  9. 122-Across’s ace Matt’s favorite drink?
  10. Pitcher with a big mouth?
  11. From 1962-1987, spring training site for the 122-Across, informally
  12. Potpourri
  13. Aida or Spartacus, e.g.
  14. Berberian and Parseghian
  15. Marine killer
  16. Nighttime ball, perhaps
  17. Out in left field, to 122-Across’s rookie phenom Michael?
  18. One to the left of the curve?
  19. What 122-Across’s pitcher Niese has, that his teammate Colón does not?
  20. Glandular opening?
  21. The “f” in f-stop
  22. Site of the 2014 season opener (Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks)
  23. Paraphernalia for 122-Across’s third sacker David?
  24. “Saving Private Ryan” landing craft: Abbr.
  25. Steve of “Family Matters”
  26. Categorize
  27. Like some traditions
  28. Org. that let Barry Bonds walk in 2015
  29. Bologna bones
  30. Agcy. spawned by the Manhattan Project
  31. Figure of interest?
  32. Something used by 122-Across’s manager Collins to wipe the sweat off his face?
  33. “Steal a base when nobody’s looking,” according to 122-Across’s sudden slugger Daniel?
  34. “___ bit of common sense”
  35. Airline’s home base
  36. Athena’s breastplate: Var.
  37. Classified ad abbr.
  38. Dodge Viper engine, e.g.
  39. ___ great catch (dazzle the fans)
  40. Suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul (crossword constructor Tom Pepper is its Finance Director)
  41. Abbr. with a ring to it?
  42. Roll out the red carpet for 122-Across’s rookie southpaw Steven?
  43. Plea made with one’s hands up
  44. Desi of Desilu
  45. Jordanian World Heritage site
  46. Scatter?
  47. Strengthen
  48. What 122-Across’s ace DeGrom uses to get high?
  49. Roman romances
  50. Dry, like Spanish wine
  51. One driving in the winning run, e.g.
  52. Worked undercover
  53. Winter Olympics event
  54. Single-celled microorganisms
  55. 10-point Q, e.g.
  56. Cry of recognition when 122-Across’s closer Jeurys starts to warm up?
  57. ” ___ Tu” (1974 hit)
  58. Beatles in Shea Stadium, e.g.
  59. Fastball down the middle, e.g.
  60. Colorado resort
  61. Part of 122-Across’s rookie phenom Syndergaard’s routine
  62. Milton Berle sidekick Arnold ___
  63. Sources of taxol
  64. Miracle team, once (and perhaps twice!)


  1. Dickensian cries
  2. Smell ___ (be suspicious)
  3. Citi follower, through 1998
  4. Go ballistic
  5. Make a baseball seam
  6. Hardly a blabbermouth
  7. Start of a palindrome about Napoleon’s exile
  8. Swell up, like ERAs for ineffective relievers
  9. Position, for Cruz or Thomas
  10. South Seas kingdom
  11. Exhort
  12. Something often paid in the minor leagues
  13. Ukraine or Belarus, once: Abbr.
  14. Ides of March word
  15. Inconsistent
  16. Easy, for one
  17. Back in?
  18. Very cold
  19. 1969 or 1986, e.g.
  20. Medium-sized nocturnal raptors
  21. Mephistophelean merchandise
  22. Pursue prey
  23. Ballpark figure?
  24. Stocking stuffer, perhaps
  25. Millstone
  26. Where eagles care?
  27. Drooling dog in “Garfield”
  28. Many a 122-Across fan, some might say
  29. Makeshift bookmark
  30. It’s a drag
  31. Myth statement?
  32. Like Dorothy’s slippers
  33. “If I Were ___ Man” (“Fiddler” tune)
  34. “For Love of the Game” director Sam
  35. Statue with limitations
  36. Caspian feeder
  37. ___ Morgana
  38. Left the coop?
  39. 100 centimes, in pre-euro days
  40. Common sight on Banner Day
  41. Throw a spitter, e.g.
  42. S___X
  43. Spanish direction
  44. Rod’s companion
  45. Light units
  46. Sasha and Malia
  47. Familiar with
  48. Cravings
  49. Dish best served cold
  50. Matsui who was the first Japanese infielder in the major leagues, to 122-Across’s fans
  51. “You’ve got two choices”
  52. Grind together
  53. Penicillin producer
  54. Alexander, to Reagan
  55. The face of the franchise, invariably
  56. Rowed one’s boat ashore
  57. Mil. field rations
  58. Devotion to pleasure
  59. Green science
  60. Dresses down… or butters up?
  61. Don Denkinger, Jim Joyce, or Bill Klem
  62. Flushing site?
  63. Shady sorts?
  64. Globetrotter’s malaise
  65. “Champagne Tony” of golf
  66. Bouquet
  67. “Nights in White ___” (1967 hit)
  68. Rice in Nepal
  69. Suffix denoting a collection
  70. “___ From Muskogee” (1969 hit)
  71. “I wouldn’t click on this link from your office,” initially
  72. Mont Blanc, par exemple
  73. Losing proposition?
  74. Lacking
  75. Band-Aid and Barbie, e.g.: Abbr.
  76. Sumter and McHenry: Abbr.