An Embarrassment of Riches

By Anonymous

This politically incorrect (some might even say “disgusting”) puzzle comes to you from an anonymous source, known only to Rockefeller alum (1977) George Barany, who is currently on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  For more about this specific puzzle, including a link to its answer, visit here and here.  More Barany and Friends puzzles can be found here.


  1. Sometimes, they’re not given
  2. Burro, e.g.
  3. Oscar’s U.K. equivalent
  4. Straight: Prefix
  5. Word after good or bad
  6. Domains
  7. “___ In” (Wings hit that begins with “Someone’s knockin’ at the door”)
  8. Sugary drink, often
  9. Carl ___, whose September 2015 endorsement of fellow billionaire 58-Across was a “no-brainer”
  10. Adjective that does not begin to describe 58-Across
  11. McCorvey in a landmark case
  12. Pay back?
  13. Paddle-wheel craft
  14. 58-Across inveighing against the IRS?
  15. Apprentice, like 58-Across at electoral politics
  16. Woman who raised Cain
  17. Universal soul, in Hinduism
  18. Acts the rat
  19. Lawless princess?
  20. “___, Marissa Mayer Are Right; Employees Should Not Work From Home” (February 2013 tweet by 58-Across)
  21. Centerfielder on Mets World Series team
  22. “58-Across is The World’s Greatest ___” (FiveThirtyEight headline, July 2015)
  23. Flag-waving, breast-beating “patriot,” like 58-Across
  24. Expanded, contracted
  25. Carillon clamor
  26. Scottish castle that 58-Across is unlikely to be invited to
  27. Domains
  28. “Ich bin ___ Berliner”
  29. LBJ’s palindromic “War on Poverty” agcy.
  30. DAMN TURD POL, anagramatically
  31. One of three people walking into a bar, in many a joke
  32. “Four score and seven years ___ …”
  33. Word before basin or wave
  34. Heavenly hunter
  35. Try to become President, e.g.
  36. Low-budget, in adspeak
  37. “Schlonged,” e.g.
  38. It may be tapped
  39. Reginald ___ (truck driver whose beating was broadcast live during the 1992 Los Angeles riots)


  1. Burrow
  2. State where, in 2016, armed militants dubbed Y’all Qaeda and Vanilla ISIS took over federal property: Abbr.
  3. Palindromic Holy Roman Emperor
  4. “58-Across and ___” (CNN politics headline, July 2015)
  5. Home country of pirates that 58-Across vowed to wipe off the face of the earth
  6. Berry high in anti-oxidants
  7. Sugary drink, often
  8. Builder’s plans, informally
  9. It’s a Wonderful Life” family
  10. Great circle path, e.g.
  11. Term coined in 1939 to describe a prominent political figure, that is appropriate again today
  12. Literally, “big water”
  13. Grant on TV
  14. Smart
  15. Co. founded by Alexander Graham Bell
  16. La donna è mobile,” e.g.
  17. Modern callternative?
  18. Profess
  19. Underpinning of 58-Across’s foreign policy, apparently
  20. Key of Vivaldi’s “Spring Concerto
  21. Mumbai master
  22. Hendryx who sang “Lady Marmalade” with Labelle
  23. Rowlands of “A Woman Under the Influence
  24. Pitch
  25. On the quiet side
  26. Looked over, lasciviously
  27. Activity for porkbarrel politicians
  28. Missing
  29. Durocher who said “Nice guys finish last”
  30. Way to serve some Mexican food
  31. Palindromic billionaire who blasted 58-Across and Ted Cruz as 11-Downs (December 2015)
  32. Unit of wisdom?
  33. 58-Across’s debate strategy, apparently
  34. Malarial fever
  35. ___-windedness, a salient feature of 58-Across
  36. Japanese soup noodles
  37. American politician/educational reformer Horace ___
  38. Sneaky maneuver
  39. Word said once in France to mean “good” or twice in the U.S. to mean “goodie”