A comfort poem after you finish an experiment

By Kenny Bradley

today is friday at 5pm, and i want you to remind your body that it did a good day’s work 

today remind your body that it is enough 

let every muscle fiber twitch down your knuckles shock your nerve endings 

marionette palms to your shoulder and hold yourself 

feel comfort 

embrace that you have made it again 

and you made it again 

and you made it again 

feel comfort 

today is friday at 5pm 

so i write an ode to living again 

to the paycheck nestled behind the beeswax in my pocket producing me honey 

ode to the seagulls outside my window 

diving for food in the east river who I share 

dinner with, sorry in advance it 

will taste like sewage 

ode to the stillness bestowed only to 

my body, interrupted by the brief 

beginning of needle scratch 

on vinyl so i may sing 

and i have said it in a poem before 

and i will say it again, ode to mug 

of melted down hershey, 

poorly drawn latte art, 

and jet-puffed mini marshmallows 

to revert to childhood 

today is friday at 5pm 

and I 

feel comfort 

to just existing