56-Downed-Up Charges

By George Barany, Christopher Adams, Martin Herbach, and Alex Vratsanos

George Barany is a Rockefeller alum (1977) currently on the Chemistry faculty of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Christopher Adams is a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Iowa, Martin Herbach is a retired computer scientist living in Silicon Valley, and Alex Vratsanos is studying business and psychology at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.  For more information, including a link to the answer, visit here (http://www.chem.umn.edu/groups/baranygp/puzzles/twittercharges/). More Barany and Friends crosswords can be found here (http://www.chem.umn.edu/groups/baranygp/puzzles/).


June2016NaturalSelectionsGRID1. Jeanne d’Arc, e.g.: Abbr.
4. Number of freedoms, to FDR
8. Mexican motel (and one-time Yankee catcher Jorge)
14. Punching tool
15. Recommend emphatically, as money to fight Zika
16. Beat Murdoch at his own game?
17. My follower in 1968?
18. Genuine, in Germany
19. Homophone for homophobe “Lyin’ Ted”
20. Hungarian short-haired dog
22. Narrow waterway
24. Metric weights: Abbr.
25. Live, as an interview
26. Self-important bureaucrat from “The Mikado”
28. Senator Sherrod (since 2007) or Scott (who lost to 3-Down in 2012)
30. Hide-hair connection
31. Disapproving sound
34. Goes too far
37. One-under bridge, in the Pledge of Allegiance
39. Staff member?
40. Turkish name that means “desire”
42. One-named Irish Grammy winner
43. Goddess with a spear and a national capital named for her
45. Seaweed product with a reduplicative name
47. Like FDR’s Deal
48. ___-cone
50. Minuteman Davis, memorialized through an iconic French sculpture
51. Sarah Palin, e.g.
54. Apple’s instant messaging software
57. Historic introduction?
58. Hit CBS procedural with three spinoffs
59. Star in Aquila
60. Mexican beer brand
62. Harmony, so to speak
64. Sch. in Monroe whose alumni include Bubby Brister, Tim McGraw, and Ben Sheets (anagram of NUL)
65. First game
66. “___ Smile Be Your Umbrella”
67. Highgate (London) or Père-Lachaise (Paris): Abbr.
68. With 56-Down, 3-Down’s Twitter antagonist
69. Decorative pitcher
70. Clairvoyance, e.g.


1. Blast, perhaps via Twitter
2. He wrote “… get your facts first, then you can distort them as much as you please”
3. Senator who admonished 68-Across/56-Down to “… fling as much mud as you want
… your words and actions disqualify you from being President & I won’t stop saying it”
4. Nuclear reactor component
5. Marine killer
6. “That’s disgusting!”
7. So out it’s in
8. 3-Down, as per a tweet from 68-Across/56-Down
9. “Now is the winter of ___ discontent …”
10. Luftwaffe bomber
11. “Potent mix of memoir and policy” (2014) by 3-Down
12. Sleep, to Brits
13. Green Knight’s weapon, in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
21. Emphatic follow-up to yes or no
23. ___ thruster (propulsion technology NASA has their eye on)
26. Produit de Michelin
27. Bosom buddy?
29. It’s played by 3-Down, as per a tweet from 68-Across/56-Down
32. Bean used to make miso
33. Tree knot
34. Dorothy Parker’s parrot, so named because he spilled his seed upon the ground
35. Activity slated for November 8, 2016
36. Mrs., in Madrid
38. It led to a party in Boston
41. Opposed, in Dogpatch
44. Govt. grp. that once subcontracted work to Edward Snowden
46. Train component
49. Authorizes
52. “Queen of Mean” Helmsley
53. Congressional divide
55. Megyn Kelly’s boss Roger (anagram of
56. See 68-Across and this puzzle’s title
57. Cops, slangily
59. Pay to play
60. New England seafood staple
61. “___ Blu, Dipinto di Blu”
63. Taxol source