Markus Library Reopens with new Study Areas and New Staff Member

By John Borghi

To walk into the Rita and Frits Markus Library today is to enter both an elegant space for members of the Rockefeller community to research and study and an establishment ready to meet the information needs of a twenty-first century research institution. After passing by the security desk in Founder’s Hall, visitors to the newly renovated library can either proceed down the stairs to the quiet study spaces and collaborative research areas located on levels A and B or up the stairs to the historic second floor reading room. In addition to the significant physical improvements, this latest renovation also marks a development in library services that reflects advancements in scientific inquiry on campus and in the broader research community.

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PDA Corner

By Alessia Deglincerti and Bryan Utter

Much of the pda efforts over the past few months focused on the launch of a new Student/Postdoc Summer Seminar Series. The Summer Seminar Series provided postdocs and graduate students the opportunity to present their work in front of the Rockefeller community. The Series took place every other Thursday at 4:00 p.m. and ran between June 20 and August 22. There was an informal wine & cheese reception following the talks that allowed the scientific discussion to continue beyond the allotted presentation time. We would like to thank all of the speakers, the faculty sponsors who hosted the seminars, and all of those who participated for making the series such a great success. We plan to make this seminar series a recurring event in future summers, so stay tuned for more information if you would like to participate! Continue reading

Football (The American Kind)

By Aileen Marshall

Have you ever wondered what your lab mates are talking about when they discuss Sunday’s football game every Monday morning? Or have you seen a game on television and tried to follow it? Have no fear, football is a very exciting and entertaining sport that can be enjoyed by all. The season just started on Labor Day weekend, so here are some “Cliff’s Notes” to help you enjoy the game.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it is played on a 100-yard-long field, with every 10 yards numbered. At each end of the field is a 10-yard-long “end zone.” The last yard line on each end of the field is called the “goal line.”  Goal posts are at the back of each end zone. Each game is divided into four 15-minute quarters, with a “halftime” period after the second quarter. Each team defends its half of the field. The object of the game is to get the oblong-shaped ball into the opponent’s end zone and score points. Continue reading